There are a million articles out there now giving advice on remote work, but I’m not here to follow a checklist or prescribe a formula. I work directly with organizational leadership and executive teams to create solutions and processes that will work for your specific goals. I want to understand your particular background, needs and hopes and collaborate on an approach that’s customized for you.

I can structure my distributed coaching services in a number of different ways to fit your needs:

A Conversation

Let’s chat for a few minutes together about your explorations of remote work so far, what’s worked, what hasn’t, and where you want to go from here. We’ll see if I can be helpful to you and talk about next steps for collaborating together.

Online or Onsite Workshop

I can facilitate a 1-hour, half-day or full-day workshop for you and your team to explore the possibilities of remote work together. Through a combination of presentations, discussions and exercises, we’ll build an understanding of the cultural, strategic and tactical changes and growth your organization would need to tackle in order to shift to a distributed work model, and we’ll develop a map to get you there.

Q&A Call

I can do a 1 to 2 hour video call with participants you select to talk through your biggest questions, concerns and needs around building a culture of remote work in your organization. I’ll recommend tools, tactics and resources and follow up with written notes and suggestions after the call is completed.

Assess and Report

I’ll work with your team to inventory the aspects of your current organizational structure that would be conducive to a more distributed work model, and the ones that might present unusual challenges. I’ll talk with your employees, leadership and other stakeholders to see what’s on their mind about these possibilities. I’ll present my findings in a clear, concise report that gives you actionable results.

Speaking, Interviews and Other Availability

I’m available to be a speaker at your conference (virtual or in-person), to be interviewed for your podcast or newsletter, or to participate in the conversations your organization is having about distributed/remote work in some other format.