You’re leading your team through the unexpected shift to work-from-home.

Now, you want to step back and build a distributed work culture that actually thrives.

I can help.

You have questions.

  • How does accountability happen in a remote workplace?
  • How do we combat Zoom meeting burnout?
  • What expectations should we set for our employees` home office setup?
  • What tools, software and workflows are cost-effective and most helpful?
  • How do we make decisions quickly and avoid drowning in email threads?

I have answers.

  • Extensive firsthand experience building and leading remote teams.
  • A collaborative, customized process for looking at your current organizational structure and developing a plan for shifting into distributed/remote work.
  • A study of the cultural changes, organizational planning and specific tools and tactics that you’ll need to make new ways of working effective and sustainable.
  • A holistic view of not only coaching management and executive teams around remote work, but also ensuring that employees, contractors, vendors and customers all benefit from the results.

You’ll value the outcomes.

If you’re in management or leadership at your organization, you’ll appreciate being able to:

  • Move past the emergency reaction phase and into a long-term remote work setup that works for everyone.
  • Leave behind the costs, obvious and hidden, of constraining your organization’s operations to life in a single physical location.
  • Help your employees and leadership alike thrive with new levels of creativity, autonomy and productivity.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Chris Hardie. I spent the better part of the last six years building and leading fully distributed teams at a global technology company that has pioneered distributed work since its founding in 2005. With 1,000+ people spread across timezones around the world, we successfully created, launched and supported tools and projects at scale for some of the biggest names on the web.

But before that, I also co-founded and led a company that was designed to have everyone work in the same office at the same time, and eventually wrestled through our own ups and downs of transitioning to a more remote structure. I’ve seen both models up close, and I know from experience what works and what doesn’t work.

Throughout my career I’ve founded, managed or led a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and teams, in the technology sector and beyond. I’ve consulted with businesses, social causes, political campaigns and influential people across the U.S. and around the world to bring out the best of what they can do.

I’m passionate about the power of distributed/remote work and I’m excited to help your organization explore what doing it thoughtfully and well could mean for you.

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